Entrepreneur’s Success Fueled by Dreams and Determination

Jamal Jordon, Owner, Jaml’s Organic Meals & Catering Local

For Jamal Jordon, running a successful small business is his proudest achievement. The 22 year old entrepreneur and owner of Jamal’s Organic Meals & Catering credits his success to working hard, developing savvy business skills, and following his dreams.

His story begins with a passion for food and the encouragement of family and friends to share it with others. He completed culinary courses after high school which led him to a few opportunities in the food service industry. However, Jamal soon realized that the glamour on TV was not the reality in the kitchen and he aspired to be and do something different. At the suggestion of his WorkBC Maple Ridge Case Manager, Sharon, Jamal was accepted into the Self Employment Program at Douglas College. He began the business training component of the year-long program in December 2014 and committed to completing all the steps required to start his company.

Returning to the classroom was not easy for Jamal who had experienced some learning challenges throughout his school years. Not knowing what was ahead, he quickly settled into the program’s supportive learning environment that included an offer for him to complete the program over two intakes. He committed to do it in one term and, to this day, he touts his success to the instructors and students. “Everybody helped me get through,” recalls Jamal. “I am grateful for the support extended to me to help me get my vision and words into a plan.” Jamal’s family stood by him as well, with his mother being a huge advocate for him, not only through his self-employment journey, but also through his school years.

Jamal’s greatest success was the opportunity to cater an Inclusive Employer reception hosted by WorkBC. This was his first major event and was a huge learning experience for him. He took care of all the details, from preparing and delivering the food to attending the event and hosting his reception table. He was overwhelmed with positive feedback and the one-on-one interaction with guests, which all validated his decision to take the entrepreneurial career path.

To career seekers who experience learning challenges, Jamal cannot emphasize enough to never let a disability hamper dreams. His advice is to find out what needs to be done and figure out how to adapt a business idea and learning style to make it work.

There is nothing more rewarding to Jamal than the “wow – good for you” response of people who ask what he does for a living. Jamal’s journey to success is testimony to all that is possible with a vision to make a dream real and the support of others along the way.

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