Youth Program Leads Local Teen to Employment Success

When you are just out of high school and not sure of your path, connecting with WorkBC Maple Ridge is your best first step. Our Employment Resource Advisors in the Self-Serve area can walk you through your options and get you started.

That is exactly what Makenna experienced after visiting the Centre for job search support. Still unsure of what she wanted to do after a few visits, Nadege, one of our experienced Advisors, contacted Makenna about a new program starting up, Youth Connect. She told her the program would give her career exploration, skill assessments, and job search support plus training courses to receive popular industry certificates that employers wanted applicants to have for employment.

Makenna jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back. In her first week of job search support, she was encouraged to apply for a position that seemed perfect match for her skills, interests, and personality. After successfully moving through the recruiting process, Makenna received a job offer.

She credits Youth Connect with helping her figure out what she wanted to do and making her buckle down and get serious about her job search. She is excited about her new job and looks forward to many years working for a great local company that offers potential for great career growth. Thanks, Makenna, for being such a star participant!

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