Job Seeker Resources

Personal Services and Supports

Personal services and supports are available to job seekers who need more than self-directed job search tools and workshops. The staff at the WorkBC Employment Services Centres will work with you to find out how they can help you.

To Register for WorkBC Services: [CLICK HERE]


  1. Click [Apply here]
  2. Enter in [postal code]
  3. Click [continue with this centre]
  4. Find "Continue Online", Click [start]
  5. You will need to register for a "BCeID" if you don't already have one.
  6. Click [I have a BCeID] OR [I don't have a BCeID] ⇒ Whichever applies to YOU.
  7. IF you DO NOT have a BCeID, you will be directed to create one.  IF you DO have a BCeID, you will be instructed to log-in and follow the instructions.
  8. Click [Visit the BCeID Site] to create your BCeID.
  9. Click [Register for a Basic BCeID
  10. Once you've signed up for your online BCeId, return to the WorkBC Personal Services and Supports page.
  11. Find the 'I Have a BCeId' category

If you need further help accessing WorkBC ESC Online Services Portal, please call us at#604-466-4622 

Please use these links to access information for local, provincial, and national resources. There are links with information on education and job search.


People with Disabilities

Discover job options and services designed to support people with disabilities and build your career here:

  • Pursue post-secondary education.
  • Get funding or assistive adaptations for your education.
  • Gain the work experience, job skills and technologies you need to do the job.
  • Create or expand your own business.


Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Application Guide:


Working While on Assistance

If you have a disability and receive disability assistance, you can work and earn money. Money you earn, up to a certain amount, does not affect your monthly payment.


Find out how much money you can earn annually each year with no deductions from your disability assistance payment

Community Law Advocacy Program:


Other Resources: