Thanks again to everyone at WorkBC Maple Ridge for the help with the resume and also the tips for going out there and searching for the job.  I couldn't have done it without the help of your team.  Cheers!


Please give my best to all at the Work BC Maple Ridge Office,I have never been so impressed by the Professionalism and sincere attentiveness given by this amazing group. I thank everyone so very much for everything and wish all well! Warm Regards.

K.E. ,

I really enjoyed learning about my personality colors and others colors. I've also applied this at home with my daughter. I also loved learning more about myself and my skills, especially when feeling defeated over my job loss.


Rolando previously attended another ESC in 2012 to look at this employment options as he was no longer able to perform the duties of a baker due to medical issues. Client did eventually return to his previous employment due to his financial situation. In December 2016, client saw an advertisement for the Retail Automotive Sales Training Program...

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