Took your advice about dropping in to see the manager but she was not available, and I was advised to call the following day. The next day I did make that phone call and would you believe it, the manager said that job was filled but the person did not bother showing up for two days so offered me the job. What was said about checking back, and not giving up because opportunities could pop-up unexpectedly does seem to hold true. Anyways I start on Monday and if it works out to be a good fit, I think I’ll stay there a few years or will be back to see you. I would like to thank you Peter and the rest of the people who helped me get through this period of adjustment in my life, and will highly recommend Work B.C. to anyone in a similar situation I was in.

Best Regards,


For the past 12 years I have worked fly in / fly out in Northern Alberta as a welder. The company I worked with downsized due to changing markets and oil prices. Imagine my surprise upon coming back to my home town of Maple Ridge to find myself unemployed.

After looking thru online ads I decided to come into my local branch of WorkBC after seeing an ad on facebook. Best decision I have made in a while as within a few weeks I was back welding with a company based out of Poco.

Thank you for all the help.

Mark T.,

When I finished University some of the job options I thought would be available simply were not. My mother advised I come down and talk to the staff at WorkBC.

After attending 3 of the WorkShops they offered I felt ready to work with my case manager to seek full time employment in Maple Ridge.

In no time my case manager had an interview set and I was able to land the job. Thank you so much!

Camila H.,

When looking for new employment in the Maple Ridge area after moving from Coquitlam, I thought it best to seek out a company to help me in my search for the right career.

I am very happy I was able to work with WorkBC Maple Ridge. They were very thorough and helpful in all aspects of my new career search.

Thank you once again.

Sue P.,