PAM was referred to Work BC through the TRF program in July 2017 after applying for EI benefits.  She had not held full-time sustainable employment and was seeking funding for training through WorkBC to increase her marketable skills and ability to earn more wages...

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To the dedicated staff at Maple Ridge Employment Service Centre,

I am pleased to announce with credit to WorkBC workshops and services provided that I am gainfully employed and very pleased with my new position.

After recently moving to BC from out of province and worried about job prospects for a mature person with limited work history, I am grateful to have started my job search with a visit to WorkBC. Thinking WorkBC might have a job postings bulletin board, I was impressed to find they offered workshops and services that helped me to discover my transferable skills and opportunities available that best suited my interests, experience and goals.

I was most impressed with the staff at the Employment Services Centre, from my initial contact to the workshop facilitators and case managers, for their sincere investment in my job search success, opportunities and encouragement. Prior to attending the workshops available and case management support, I would not have had the confidence, nor the know-how to put my best self forward in a job interview.

Thank you WorkBC!

Lisa C.,